Tubular & Drilling Tools Inspection

Drilling Tool Services

Inspection, machine shop, and hardbanding services, to increase the life, integrity, and reliability of tubular products.

RIJ Casing and Drillpipe Bucking Services  |  RIJ Inspection Services  |  RIJ Machine Shop Services  |  RIJ Mobile Hardbanding Services

Tubulars & Subs

A comprehensive selection of RIJ drillstem components for any application.

RIJ Drill Collars  |  RIJ Hevi-Wate Transition Drillpipe  |  RIJ Rotary Kelly  |  DRILCO Premium Drillpipe  |  RIJ Premium Connections |  RIJ Premium Tubulars  |  RIJ Rotary Substitutes  |  RIJ Premium Thread Protectors

Surface Equipment

A variety of equipment, provided by RIJ, to assist with the makeup of drillstring components.

Ezy-Torq Hydraulic Cathead  |  Mud-Chek AP Mud Saver Valve  |  Tru-Torque Automatic Torque Control System

Rig Floor & Drilling Packages

Operation-ready toolbox options for rig contractors.